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"I’m Greyson. I’ve lived in Bristol all of my life bar this past month after moving to Brighton for university."

Instagram: @lord_toad_has_toast

"I think a lot of people think it will be offensive to ask trans people questions as they’ll be seen as ignorant for not knowing. But that’s not true! I’d rather answer a question than confuse people."

"Visibility, to me, means the idea of fitting in and being recognised & respected in society.

I believe the best way to support the trans community is through acceptance and understanding. It is important for collaboration that we can listen and learn from each other."
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"I find it great that there’s a community of people there to support you who have gone through what you are going through. My main difficulty was self-acceptance and doubt in my identity."

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"My favourite thing about Bristol is the views from the tops of hills! The city is stunning from so many angles and there’s always more to explore.

I chose Pero’s bridge [for the photoshoot] as it’s right in the heart of the harbour. And also the Christmas steps as it’s so beautiful from the top."

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