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The first issue of the TPUK Magazine, released in November 2022. Issue 1 features stories from the Bristol Trans Portraits project over the past two years. Including sixteen different trans and non-binary people from around Bristol, the magazine platforms stories about visibility, trans lives and the community in Bristol - and of course showcases the portraits that go alongside them.


There are also two exclusive articles in this issue - one by founder Nicky Ebbage, and the other by project participant Madeliene Coward - which reflect on the state and experience of trans visibility in 2022.


Get yourself a copy, or get one for the people in your life - they make for wonderful Christmas presents!


If you are a tier 2 Patreon Suppporter or a project participant you don't need to buy a copy - there's already one waiting for you! Have a look at the Patreon page for more details, or drop us an email!

Print Magazine Issue 1: Bristol Trans Portraits

  • A4 Magazine

    48 pages

    Weight: 274g

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